Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guest Post: Reuse and Recycle

Youngest has a few words of wisdom from class, and instead of mailing you all letters I told him he could guest post on the blog. He says he has more to say at a later date, but this will do for now:

Help the Environment: 
Reuse and Recycle
by John Mulligan

We use about 8,768 bottles an hour. We use about 3,906,304 bottles a day. If we recycle we can reuse bottles and cans.

We must not throw stuff on the ground. We cannot put stuff to recycle in the garbage bin.

Use glass bottles instead of other kind of bottles. If we use glass bottles we can help the environment. This way we can save the earth.

Turn off anything that has to about electricity when you're done with it. If you don’t like food or don’t want it don’t throw it away give it to someone else who wants it or save it for later.


  1. Thanks for reminding us. I think many of us think we already know this, but we forget. Hopefully we can all do better tomorrow!

  2. John, thanks so much - these are excellent ideas and interesting facts about our use of bottles too. I will remember these things - it's good that you posted them. I hope to see more of your posts sometime soon! Jill

  3. Excellent post, John! Such important information and good reminders. Thanks for setting such a great example!