Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Women's Herstory Month

This month is Women's Herstory Month. I thought I might do a few posts about women creators who have influenced me. My own stories are woven between these women through my sermons and my life, and I am grateful for the men and women who have pointed me to these grand story tellers.

A quick note about feminism: Feminism is a very broad term that means different things to each and every person who claims it. To me, feminism is a discipline that seeks the freedom and voice of all people, understanding that women's voices have been particularly silenced and distorted. This includes cis women who have lived their entire lives as women. This includes trans women who have chosen to embrace their bodies as women. This includes trans men who perhaps have lived part of their lives as women and have embraced their bodies as men. And, beloveds, feminism includes the men who stand in solidarity with us, bearing witness to our struggle, knowing that they are not truly free until we all are.  Gender is a fluid concept, and not all of us fit cleanly into one category or another. Gender interacts with race, class, religion, sexuality, and other aspects of our identities to form each unique and beautiful creature. May each of our stories, as told by our bodies and souls, be lifted up in voice and song. And may we honor one another deeply in the telling.

And if you have to ask me "What does this have to do with God or Jesus?" then you haven't been listening to my story.


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