Wednesday, February 17, 2010

James Baldwin

I have been participating in a community education class focused around issues of justice. It's been a delight to spend time with people who make space for each other's experiences, to be in a place where we can speak of hard things like race, gender, sexuality, class openly and honestly.  The class is facilitated by Darnell Moore through Newark Pride, and we have 6 more class sessions. If anyone's interested in coming, each week is open to new folks.

This week we watched a piece of an interview with the author, James Baldwin, who was involved in the civil rights movement.  Of his books I've read Another Country, a novel that  exquisitely details passion and love and conflict between its characters, often around racially charged themes.  Watch this clip--it is beautiful.

James Baldwin is the 4th clip

Moral monsters is about right, inhuman as I am inhuman.
But I would give the rest of my life to see another smile like that.


  1. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing copyright problems & youtube pulled it. I did find a link to the official video & should have fixed this already. Try the new link, and it will take you to the PBS website where the video is available along with a transcript.

    Thanks for letting me know!