Sunday, January 17, 2010

Child, Where Were You??

Click here for disaster relief programs for Haiti, centered around women and children. There are several organizations and a list of supplies needed. TinyChurch will be accepting donations of items on the list for the next 2 weeks. Feel free to have things sent to the church or bring them to me personally. We'll take a load to Haitian Woman for Haitian Refugees in Manhattan the following week.

Please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers. Today is the 5th day since the earthquake and time is running out to find survivors in the rubble. There are still huge needs for food, water, and basic medical care. Without the basics, more people will die. Here are two excellent organizations:

Direct Relief International: A U.S. based non-profit that supplies local partners with medical supplies.  They have been working in Haiti for years and have existing partnerships in place to accept and distribute supplies. Nearly 100% of donations go to relief work as they have an endowment which funds their administrative costs.

Partners In Health: Based in Boston, PIH provides healthcare in 9 countries, including Haiti. Several of their hospitals and clinics are in outlying areas outside of Port au Prince and are able to provide medical care. The U.N. is working closely with them to provide triage care in Port au Prince as well.

So then, today's sermon, written with a prayer that I do no harm.

January 17, 2010
Sermon by Katie Mulligan

First Scripture Reading: Psalm 18:1-19
Second Scripture Reading: Luke 2:39-52

This week, as images of the destruction in Haiti have poured through the television and internet, I have been struck by this persistent question: "Where is God?"  I know that this is not everybody's question or reaction to the death and destruction occurring in Haiti, but it is my question and so I bring it to you this morning.  Others have said to me this week "Why does God let such things happen?" or "We cannot know the mind of God." or "There is no God, it's just tectonic plates." or "This is God's judgment on the Haitians, the French, the United States, the bourgeois, the rich, the greedy, the corporate, the poor ."  I have heard people say on both ends of the political spectrum in the U.S. that the other side will use this disaster in Haiti to perpetuate agendas. I have listened to Haitians say they do not wish to be used in this way.  This week I have heard people praising God for their survival next to the strangled cries of those who are dying or have lost loved ones.  I have noticed extraordinary acts of heroism and watched others walk away. I have struggled with my own guilt and helplessness that I cannot do more--that I cannot fly to Haiti yesterday and fix everything, because it seems like we should have that power.  And so in the middle of this, this question haunts me, "Where is God?"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti

I just read with sorrow the news of the earthquake in Haiti tonight. Haiti has been hit hard by several hurricanes these last few years in addition to dealing with intense poverty and political difficulties.  

Direct Relief International is a non-profit organization that is sending emergency medical supplies. They have an excellent track record of sending medical relief into regions that are badly in need, and they are efficient with donations and volunteers.  I highly recommend them as a place to send donations.

Also, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has created a fund specifically for Haiti.

Please pray for the people of Haiti. Haiti is the poorest country in our hemisphere, and they are still hurting badly from previous disasters.