Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tiny Church. Big Footprint.

Being a tiny church, I think we often wonder how big our footprint is--does it really matter if we exist as a church? The answer to that is clearly YES! Small we might be, but God works through us too.

But I was thinking the other day about the fact that we're not as small as we think we are, because the New Covenant family includes those who fellowship in our building. I wonder if you know about all the people who call our church home?

On Saturdays, the Mt. Holly Spanish Seventh-Day Adventist church worships in our sanctuary. Around 60 people gather for worship and Sunday school--mostly offered in Spanish. There are children everywhere, and music rings out strongly from the sanctuary. I met Pastor Elder José Guevara for the first time a couple of Saturdays ago--it was a joy to meet with a colleague, and he expressed great appreciation for our hospitality.

Sunday afternoons (and sometimes on Friday nights) the Praise the Lord Worship Center meets for worship. Pastor Tammy Little always has a smile and a kind word for us. They are graciously sharing their sound equipment with us. Like us, they are a small congregation.

The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts both meet in our building for troop activities. It's hard to say how many little ones are in and out of our building each month--they meet at times when we are not here. But it is good to know that children are at home in our space.

Alcoholics Anonymous meets weekly in our church. I am glad they are here--what better use of our space than to provide a safe place for people navigating life's difficulties? Sanctuary, indeed.

I guess we could say that we're just a building letting out space, but that's not it at all! One of the things TinyChurch does well is hospitality. One of our elders recently expressed a desire to see us all gather for a time of thanksgiving and gratitude this fall, and I think she's hit the nail on the head. I'd better go get cracking on invitations--November is coming soon. I can't wait to see everybody in one place!

Tiny Church. Big Footprint.

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